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  • TYPE 106S/90T-RR-OS8, E-1 Octal Type Plug-In Connector

    Types listed below are keyed and gaged for use with EIA Standards Octal Type Sockets. All of these types are available with various terminations to suit practically any requirement. The glass seal is extremely strong. The units themselves are highly resistant to shock and vibration and offer maximum immunity to humidity and temperature changes. All metal parts are hot solder dipped for easy assembly.

  • TYPE 125SF/RP-PV4, E-1 Special Type Plug-In Connector

    E-I glass-to-metal seals illustrated on pages PC-3 and PC-4 are plug-in connectors made to fit standard sockets for vibrators, choppers and lock-in types. While developed for specific use, they have found wide application for many special purpose products requiring standard plug-in seals. Note that with the exception of the lock-in plug, these connectors have no locating keys. Orientation is provided for by pin arrangement. For standard octal types. All parts are hot solder dipped to facilitate assembly.