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FRC Group’s FRC Component Products fields an extensive line of injection and compression molding equipment that can yield ultra-close tolerances with either standard or engineering-grade resins. We’re capable of molding parts with maximum dimensions as large as 30” x 12” x 6”, featuring tolerances as tight as +0.005”. Our team has years of experience in molding connectors, gears, O-rings, panels, custom shapes, gaskets, electronic components, and other products. Backed by our own in-house CAD, tooling, and machine shop, we have the capability to streamline operations, keeping cost low and productivity high.

We offer compression, transfer, and injection molding as well as insert molding. For specialized molding operations, we can provide high-vacuum encapsulation and potting processes; manufacturing parts that can resist exposure in hostile environmental conditions. Since 1994, we’ve worked with an array of materials including elastomers, epoxies, thermoplastics, polyethylene, PTFE, foam, fiberglass, and many more. We can handle parts with weights between .0005 lbs. and 3.0 lbs. at a production rate of up to 500 units per minute. Our 1 million sq. ft. facilities both in US and Offshore are geared for virtually any manufacturing run, from prototyping to high volume production. We practice lean manufacturing methods, optimizing our workloads and minimizing waste in order to reduce costs and improve the value of our products.

We’ve provided moldings for a wide range of applications and continue to serve the performance needs required by the aerospace and automotive industries. We can provide full compliance with standards by ISO, NADCAP, MIL-SPEC, FAA, ASTM, and ANSI. Our quality program influences all of our operating procedures, processes, and documentation across every department in our company. For more information on our injection and compression moldings, please refer to the table below or contact us directly.
Unit of Measure


General Capabilities

N/A Contract Manufacturing Custom Offshore On-Site Small Parts

Molding Process

N/A Compression Molding Injection Molding Transfer Molding

Molded Product

N/A Connector Parts Connectors Covers Electronic Components Gaskets Gears Housings Molded Coils Molded Shapes O-Rings Panels

Materials (Non-Metals)

N/A Elastomers Engineered Thermoplastics Epoxies Fiberglass Foam Phenolic Polyethylene Polypropylene Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Polyurethane Thermoplastics Thermosets

Minimum Molding Length

N/A 0.100 in

Maximum Molding Length

N/A 30.00 in

Minimum Molding Width

N/A 0.062 in

Maximum Molding Width

N/A 12.00 in

Minimum Molding Height

N/A 0.062 in

Maximum Molding Height

N/A 6.00 in

Minimum Molding Weight

N/A 0.0005 lb

Maximum Molding Weight

N/A 3.0 lb

Tolerance (±)

N/A 0.005 in

Production Volume

N/A High Volume Low Volume Minimum 500 Prototype

Additional Information

Industry Focus

N/A Aerospace Automotive

Industry Standards

N/A American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Military Specifications (Mil-Spec) National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP)


N/A Lean Manufacturing

File Formats

N/A AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ) Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG or JPEG) Portable Document Format (PDF)