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All charted information below, with the exception of part numbers and pin extensions, applies also to type 37 GFR.
Unit of Measure


Dimension X

N/A 0.150 in

Lead Outer Diameter

N/A 0.040 in

Current Rating

N/A Depends on thru lead

Voltage Rating

N/A 1150 V

Additional Information

N/A Inner leads may be flattened and pierced, this extends lead approximately 1/32". Pierced Hole diameter 0.43". Voltage and current rating for headers shown are RMS voltage at sea level with 90% humidity and maximum current for 40ºC temperature rise. Notes: Brown identification dot available on special order. 0.090" O.D. X 0.060" I.D. X 1½ long exhaust tube available in center.