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E-I glass-to-metal seals illustrated on pages PC-3 and PC-4 are plug-in connectors made to fit standard sockets for vibrators, choppers and lock-in types. While developed for specific use, they have found wide application for many special purpose products requiring standard plug-in seals. Note that with the exception of the lock-in plug, these connectors have no locating keys. Orientation is provided for by pin arrangement. For standard octal types. All parts are hot solder dipped to facilitate assembly.


Voltage Rating

N/A 1800 V

Current Rating

N/A Depends on thru lead

Additional Information

N/A Unless otherwise noted all decimal dimensions are ±.005"; fractional dimensions are ±1/64". Voltage and current ratings for headers shown are RMS voltage at sea level with 90% humidity and maximum current for 40ºC temperature rise. All product illustrations are actual size. Pin diagrams are shown in the General Data Section.